these opened after sunday’s first big monsoon. only two of the sunflower seeds i planted chose to grow.

this is plenty.


teeny olive buds from the tree in the greywater bed

IMG_7190 IMG_7191

raindrops and sprinklers near the chicken coop are encouraging new growth on the jojoba



as desperately as i’d like to make goat cheese-stuffed squash blossoms, i’m letting these hang out a bit longer. (so far this is a mystery squash…likely butternut!)

IMG_7193 IMG_7194

chiltepins are budding away! the bush has grown exponentially in the last few months

IMG_7196 IMG_7197

epazote is nearly two feet tall…amazing progress from the tiny starter i planted only two months ago. i have yet to add it to pinto beans, but i plan on experimenting with the flavor profiles of both the dried and fresh leaves

IMG_7198 mighty mesquite trees are dropping these vibrant pods- right on time with the beginning of monsoon season. regretfully- i am not well prepared this time around to harvest and mill. i’ve fed some to the chickens but they’re less than enthused


the first pursulane of the year is sprouting! first, i want to see if the chickens are interested in its flavor- as it would be a great nutrient-dense addition to their diet. once it’s more abundant, i look forward to adding it in salads with a citrus vinaigrette


this vine has wrapped around the datura. could this be another passionflower?

IMG_7206 IMG_7208 IMG_7210

only took about two days for these tuna fruits to ripen to this incredible deep magenta. i’ve noticed a few that have already fallen- so i have to glean these really soon and press a bit of juice