august makes two years, so now it’s a second spring

maybe one day i’ll make enough money for less concern about a water bill

because we know they won’t tax it-

will run dry soon enough, and so we better start collecting

the final strands of my midwestern sensibilities finally dried up, too

after watching enough dill, red lettuce and chocolate mint wither to a few sad sticks

or Larry, the squirrel, aggressively snacking on cilantro and strawberries

with that in mind, finally the nerve to bow down and worship the warriors-

jojoba, olive, pomegranate, seep willow

and of course queen creosote

and in this spring that really is just early summer, finally a resting place (barring endless weeding)-

where things look damn good. lush, even

and those still tourists to Sonora-

marjoram, lemongrass, chard, sage and peppermint

have learned to quiet down their demands for my attention, and wait patiently for monsoons