IMG_7301come august, we will have lived in this amazing dunbar adobe for a full calendar year. so far this summer, i’ve been continually thrilled (and often confused) by what springs to life in the backyard. namely, the datura that has grown exponentially and bloomed during some of the warmest nights thus far. in one of the basins furthest from the house is a patch of aloes and a passion flower vine. when she bloomed last september and the stems and leaves withered shortly after, i was certain it was the only time i’d see such magic.IMG_7298i was positive this patch was done for, and was prepared to dig a bit to make a new vegetable bed for autumn. but after last week’s brief but torrential rains, the passion flower is revived and full of celadon leaves! rose from the concrete, indeed.IMG_7303i simply cannot wait to see this years blooms… hopefully each year will prove more and more prolific