taylor miller

Author: Taylor Miller

its tenants now, 35mm

endlessly unrolling, 35mm

altar forms, 35mm

a dream of stone, 35mm

blue desert

promises of aching beauty


counted the days, minutes, thunderheads brewing each afternoon breath held before each downpour more today, please knowing it again wouldn’t…

a week of rains for the weak

weak, or so thought and felt when knees wobbled hard and i barely made it through the door if anyone…

seam lines and sand

continuity and fragmentation

of partition in three dimensions

design by destruction

ramadan in ramallah

qalandia, lately

of Jerusalem sprawled


on all visible planes

umm al-fahm + sakhnin

umm al-fahm + sakhnin

the malleability of urban form

part and parcel of my own

hot and cold

we knew she was on her way having rescued her at dusk it was the kind of anticipation, kind of…

a second spring

august makes two years, so now it’s a second spring maybe one day i’ll make enough money for less concern…

it’ll likely be a while

likely it will be a while, another lunch like this had i known i would have footed the bill.

a patch of poison

angel’s trumpets, moonflowers, jimson weed, datura. there’s a long list of names for this seductress who’s grown exponentially this summer….

awaiting your arrival

a process of passion

july has left me all but completely discouraged. gnats or something like them have completely eaten our basil plants. the…

due date

twenty-something weeks, one band of afternoon light heat here, still. underscore unbearable. yet-enough to illuminate the greatest of gifts

drying herbs

what started as a small container of rosemary when we first moved in last august bloomed into a literal obsession-…

all but dead

come august, we will have lived in this amazing dunbar adobe for a full calendar year. so far this summer,…

shrivels and such

convinced that these pomegranates are ornamental- with a much thinner, paler skin than ones found in grocery stores. it’s too…

two months of waste

two months into my composting experiments. growing up in Chicago- my family never composted. no one i knew ever mentioned…

pedilanthus macrocarpus

this gorgeous specimen’s growth was quite stagnant for the last several months. on a whim this winter, i trimmed back…

any day now

presumably, there’s a point in a baby’s life where the parents cease counting how many weeks old they are, and…

opuntia maladies

these prickly pears have had healthier days. every few weeks, we give them a good hose-down to remove cochineal buildup-…

28 june

these opened after sunday’s first big monsoon. only two of the sunflower seeds i planted chose to grow. this is…

this unassuming shrub

hardest hue to hold

as dismal as you let it be

various silence and elisions



with, not of

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