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on all visible planes

umm al-fahm + sakhnin

umm al-fahm + sakhnin

the malleability of urban form

part and parcel of my own

it’ll likely be a while

likely it will be a while, another lunch like this had i known i would have footed the bill.

this unassuming shrub

hardest hue to hold

as dismal as you let it be

various silence and elisions



with, not of


Toldos Aharon

a jaunt east

where reality is sacrificed

theory of the drift


love suppresses the flesh

nablus, a hundred ago

secure, or free

silent transfer


making time tangible

in this degrading wind

spatial manipulation 2

spatial manipulation

daylong drifts through

kadosh kadosh kadosh

postcards from Palestine

as wheels do cement


farm to poem

les cheveux de Sénégal

de la rue

paris, 35mm

and yet it all seems limitless

the quality of pleasure

eventually everything would happen

an inexhaustible well

et rien ne était simple, pt. 5

et rien ne était simple, pt. 4

et rien ne était simple, pt. 3

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