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festival de la calle 2

festival de la calle

start to the end

the state of tel aviv 2

the state of tel aviv

tel aviv eve

tzfat 2


towards syria

towards lebanon


west bank

har herzel 2

har herzel



yad vashem

mahane yehuda 3

the subversive, the subliminal

day of rest


mahane yehuda 2


mahane yehuda

towards jerusalem

kibbutz lotan

red sea respite

trails, trials, occupation


ein avdat

bedouin blase

naqab 7


naqab 6


naqab 5


naqab 4


naqab 3


naqab 2


naqab 1


rounded by the contours

our finest impulses

that heartless blue

the big groaning howl

every vacation dream

to a sensible understanding

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