new year
same drought
wildfires, barely further
a closed loop of climate chaos
of cooling stations circulating on social media
are we sure our unhoused liked this on Instagram?

patience, patience the sabr say
hard to practice as blood boils, arroyos dry, scrolling endlessly at F-16s fly
not here, at least yet, or at least i have no clue who and what is landing at the air base
the helicopters aren’t circling this summer. so my baby sleeps more soundly at night

headlines say wave but allegories of water are lost — not just these days, these years.
burst. blistering. extreme. bake.
experts warn not to walk barefoot on hot asphalt

how does one navigate al-Wahida Street, or, my mind drifts to other wadis
The Newsfeed reminds me that here, occupation. lest we forget
O’odham month of Ha꞉ṣañ Ba꞉k Maṣad, i read. harvest — a notion of plenty presently feels impossible. is that greed, or attunement, which wants to autocorrect to atonement.